Business Review of Fortune High Tech Marketing

Fortune High Tech Marketing is a traditional network marketing company founded in 2001 in Kentucky, USA. I chose to review this business for several reasons. I noticed in FHTM what sets it apart from the typical MLM. I was also impressed by the management of the company. It has also reached the top, being described as one of the most successful MLM companies in recent years, while demonstrating the continued potential for strong growth.

5 important questions to ask yourself when evaluating an MLM business:

o trust in business: for example, how long it exists, whether it is free of debt and what are the vision and direction of the business.

Trust in FHTM: FHTM was created for the industry by Paul Orberson. Paul worked as an Excel sales representative, earning more than a million dollars in 20 consecutive months than any other sales representative in the history of the network marketing industry. He retired to fulfill his highest calling in life: together with his son to found a marketing company that gave sales representatives the opportunity to earn the most money in the industry.

All FHTM employees are independent representatives at head office. Like family, these are the same people who joined the company 9 years ago. Business is 100% debt-free. It has no overheads or inventory. 98% of the money coming through the business goes to representatives. It has international recognition.

After Paul Orberson had a 1/4 chance of surviving cancer, he felt his time was up. He founded True Essentials, the only health and well-health company that offers FHTM. He used these unique biologics in his recovery program to cure his incurable condition. He is a bit religious in his speeches, but still very focused on helping his representatives in their long-term success.

The company has been featured in major business journals, as well as senior financial managers and mentors not only as a legitimate, but also truly unique opportunity for anyone interested in success in the home business in the marketing network.

Leadership and learning: what is the quality of leadership and learning?

FHTM Leadership and Training: Some well-known network marketing professionals are leaders in the industry. Paul Orberson makes it clear that he wants to be judged on how many millionaires the company makes, and that clearly makes the most of it.

Professional leadership and leadership are guaranteed from the start. The company clearly works with a clear sense of honesty, helping new home business owners get started. Together with their training instructors, they immediately disclose their policies and procedures to avoid legal and financial problems. Their back office is designed to ensure that all new representatives meet with their team and receive the continuing professional education, tools and resources needed to succeed as representatives.

Each new representative receives the name and telephone number of the executive directors, as well as contact information and information about the training of their national directors. For 20 per month, they can purchase their own Fortune TV channel, which contains up to 22 channels for all their events, products, interviews and reviews, trainings and weekly live messages from Paul Orberson.

There are several ways to present a Fortune presentation after a representative is ready, including online, web seminars, conference calls, field meetings and DVD presentations. The new representative has team support and the means to attract potential customers from the beginning.

o Products and services: can services and products stand independently between a highly competitive and saturated market in today’s direct selling industry?

FHTM Products and Services: FHTM’s core service and product line makes this company unique. They offer a choice of services that people use daily and pay for at home every month.

FHTM offers a buffet of popular entertainment venues, natural organic health and beauty products, established communication companies and basic basic services that we all know and are faithful to.

In this case, FHTM has passed a key two-year milestone, which shows that its products and services are unique, respond to ever-changing trends and can withstand the changing needs of consumers.

In short, when people pay their bills through FHTM to the same suppliers they already use, everyone wins! The shift is free, although there is sometimes a one-time initial fee for accessing the service through FHTM.

This concept is good because almost everyone uses these services. Regardless of nationality or age, or regardless of your previous experience or skills, it is a performance-driven business that anyone who is motivated and ready to work can difficult to be successful.

o Remuneration plan. Network marketing has four main reward plans. It is very important to understand how the compensation plan works. That’s how you get paid for your work.

FHTM Remuneration Plan: FHTM believes it has the best remuneration plan in the industry. FHTM mainly uses the forced matrix plan.

This requires new representatives, now managers who receive 3 client points and sponsor 3 new managers, thus making up their first team of 12. Here they reimburse their initial costs and assemble their first team.

After being promoted to the position of regional director, the representative must collect 10 personal client points and personally sponsor 3 other managers. Real money starts in the flow of the regional manager.
The amazing thing is that all they need is 10 customer points.

The second promotion is the position of general manager of sales. The fourth source of income is the national sales manager, and the fifth and final is the presidential pool.

There are many rewards and bonuses at every turn, including a free Lexus car program as executive director.


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