Buying Guide To Pool Filters

Divide the pool capacity by 24, giving you the number of gallons per hour a pump needs to circulate during a single day of circulation. Cleaning, filtration and chlorine/salt distribution are provided by the new 1850W electric pool pump of the SPPE series. Designed by Sand Master, this sand filtration system is capable of keeping smaller pools up to 9,600 gallons clean and free of contaminants. Now let’s discuss some of the most important criteria you should apply to your decision-making process when looking for the best above-ground pool filter. With so much confidence in your pump, we recommend installing a high-quality and reliable pump from a trusted brand and retailer.

Most pool service professionals recommend running your pump long enough once a day to circulate all the water through the filter. The size of your pool and the gallons per hour rate of your filter determine how long it will last. The manufacturer’s instructions may also include recommendations. Keep in mind that your electric utility may have peak frequencies during the day, so it may be more cost-effective to run the pump at night when rates may be lower. Contact your energy supplier to confirm your rate fluctuations.

If you notice that your rotation is longer than expected, make sure you’re using the correct filter. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll understand that there are three types of pool filters. They are classified solely according to the type of media used. For starters, media is what filters dirt out of your pool water.

Choosing the right pool pump and filter the first time will reduce hassle and problems for years to come. No matter which pool filter you choose, remember that if you balance the water chemistry, you’ll get more than halfway to a clean pool. Stay on top of cleaning and maintenance and your filter can last for many years. Designed with easily removable cartridges, the Pentair Quad makes maintenance a little easier.

You need to take into account the pipe between the pool and the pump. The more head you have, the more aquarium equipment the GPM will decrease. You should also take into account the fittings and valves in the pipe.