Coffee in the USA – It’s All About the Experience

The United States has never had a better time for coffee than today. This is an incredible achievement compared to the ever-growing markets for tea and bottled water, and of course with the ever-growing soft drinks market.

Many people believe that high coffee consumption in the United States, where more than a million people drink at least 3.3 cups of coffee a day, is largely due to the rapid growth in popularity of Starbucks. In the 1990s, Starbucks became a household name, and almost immediately it seemed that the Starbucks coffee shop appeared on every corner. This, in turn, has prompted other coffee lovers to give in to their entrepreneurial spirit and open their own cafes, offering coffee consumers even more places to drink coffee.

Suddenly in America coffee ceased to be just a drink – it was a real experience. People who in the office drank several cups of black coffee a day, attracted all sorts of cafes, where they could experiment with new types of coffee and at the same time enjoy a cozy atmosphere or, in some cases, bohemian coffee.

And it certainly made the same people want to recreate it, oh, a special experience of coffee at home. Demand for coffee makers, growers, coffee grinders and other equipment for brewing and brewing coffee has increased dramatically. Manufacturers have responded to this demand with high-tech devices and equipment, which are sure to appeal to all coffee lovers.

Even major restaurant chains such as McDonalds, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts are trying to cash in on the American coffee craze. McDonalds, for example, has launched McCafe, where you can buy a lot of coffee and pastries at Starbucks, although the variety is not so great.

All this is good news for coffee lovers in the United States. There is more coffee and branded coffee available than ever before. In addition, there are many more places where you can have a cup of good coffee than there were, say, ten years ago. And if you like to grind, fry and brew coffee, you have so many options for equipment that you can spin your head, deciding which one to buy.

Like most things these days, the Internet plays an important role in the craze for coffee in the United States. With one click you will find everything from good Jamaican coffee and Hawaiian Kona coffee to top-notch Colombian coffee. You can also easily find any type of coffee beans that you are looking for, as well as any coffee brewing equipment that you want online, often at a low price – and which usually allows you to make almost any cup of coffee in the United States – the U.S. or anywhere else. . It tastes even better.

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