College Football – Florida, Oklahoma, USC, Virginia Tech, East Carolina and Buffalo Win Titles

It was the biggest regular-season football game among colleges: undefeated No.1 Alabama (12-0) and No.2 Florida (11-1) at Georgia Dome Stadium in Atlanta in the Southeastern Conference. Championship and the right to play in the BCS National Championship Match.

When that was most important, the Florida Gators emerged, led by a young quarterback and last year’s Heisman Trophy holder, Tim Tebow. Tebow has shown 0-5 in games since his Gators fell behind in the second half, but he overcame that statistic on Saturday (12/6/08) by throwing the last of his three touchdowns less than 3 minutes before Florida’s 31. – 20 wins to print.

Despite the resistance in the second half, Florida won the first half 17-10 and also won the second half 14-10. Tebow made 14 of 22 passes for 216 yards and was 57 additional yards ahead of his team. When Florida needed the play most, Tebow was instrumental in its implementation.

The victory gave Florida another SEC title under coach Urban Meyer and their second trip to the BCS national championship game in three years. The Gators defeated Ohio State at the national championship in 2006. Florida will now face 4th Oklahoma for the BCS national title in Miami, Florida.

Oklahoma met Florida under the pretext of removing the dust from 19th Missouri, 62-21, for the Big 12 championship. All you need to know about this game is that it was 38-7 at half-time.

The four teams vying for the BCS game in the final two weeks of the season are Alabama, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma. All suffered losses except Alabama. Florida, which eventually prevailed over Alabama, lost at home to Ole Miss 31-30 in their fourth game of the season, then left eight straight wins by a huge margin before spoiling Alabama’s race for the national title.

Oklahoma lost at home to Texas 45-35 in their 6th game, then beat six teams and a major victory over Missouri. The Sooners have scored more than 60 points in their last five wins.

The Texas Longhorns had eight consecutive wins before losing to Texas Tech, 39-33. After winning their last three games, they needed Oklahoma to lose to Missouri for a chance at the title.

Elsewhere, undefeated number 12 Ball State (12-0) joined Alabama in losing its first game in the Mid-American Conference Championship when Turner Gill’s team 7-5 in Buffalo beat the Cardinals, 42-24. In just three years, coach Turner Gill canceled the Buffalo program, which was one of the worst in America.

East Carolina (8-4) was crowded and hovering when they beat Tulsa (10-2) in the U.S. Conference Championship game, 27-24. Coach Skip Holtz won three games, including victories over virginia And West Virginia, lost three games, then won five of his last six games before defeating Tulsa for the title.

The Virginia Institute of Technology (8-4) won the Atlantic Coast Conference championship, finishing 18th, and then defeated Boston College (8-4), 30-12. Not to be outdone, Southern Cal held UCLA away, 28-7, to win its seventh consecutive Pac 10 championship and 4th consecutive BCS Bowl game.

While Alabama and State Ball lost their first game, only Utah’s No.7, 12-0, and No.9 Boise remained undefeated among 119 schools in Division 1. -AT.

In another fight he was No.19 in Pittsburgh on the road through Connecticut 34-10, the Californian horse lashed the Washington Huskies 0-12 without a 48-7 victory, the Navy blocked an army of 34-lightning, Arizona tore Arizona State 31-10, and not 13 Cincinnati outs over Hawaii 29-24.

So it’s Florida and Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship Game, and the remaining 4 BCS Bowl games are found by Penn State and Southern Cal in the Rose Bowl, Ohio and Texas in the Fiesta Bowl, Utah and Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Cincinnati. and the Virginia Institute of Technology at the Orange Bowl.

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