German Traditions Explained Lingoda

About beer festivals, an Almabtrieb is perhaps my favorite of traditional German festivals. To find an Almabtrieb, you have to go to the southern parts of Bavaria and to the Alps. If you’re planning to visit Germany at any time, you have no excuse not to go to one of these German festivals! Just make sure you’re familiar with the language, at least at a basic level. To start learning travel phrases, you can check out our article 10 essential German phrases for traveling abroad. A beautiful Ferris wheel and some cheerful mulled wine, called mulled wine, are exactly the things to immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere.

The rich history of the country with food, drinks, parades, costumes, art and literature is beyond dispute. So we hope you have already started booking your trip to Germany to experience the famous festivals. Internationally acclaimed, this impressive musical event attracts the attention of the world’s best fraternities. The Munich Opera Festival is one of the highest rated German music festivals, known for its extremely rich tradition, beautiful environments and great performances. The festival also hosts Broadway musicals, concerts and ballet productions. The world’s largest beer festival is currently taking place in central Munich, Germany.

The festival features international superstars of baroque music, such as soprano singers Emma Kirkby and Dorothee Mields. This ballet festival has recently become one of the most prestigious events in all of Europe and attracts visitors from all over Europe and beyond. This ballet company, along with other international ballet companies, comes together to perform in week-long shows that premiere new works.

Opera soloists from all over the world participate in productions to sing some of the best music ever written and entertain audiences of all ages. The Munich Opera Festival was founded almost 140 years ago. It is one of the oldest and most comprehensive opera festivals in the world today.

And this is just one of the many ways Germany is a great place to live. Germans are also known to have a lot of respect for family. Many people still live well viaggi oktoberfest into adulthood with their parents and it’s not uncommon to see even three generations living nearby. This has helped families maintain family ties and values.

And dare I say it, maybe you’ll find a German festival that’s better than Oktoberfest. 1.98 million liters of beer are consumed during the 16-day festival. About 1.98 million liters of beer is consumed during the 16-day festival.