USA 2008 Election, Part 2 – The Winning Presidential Team

In a previous article, “U.S. Elections 2008: The Country Calls for Leadership,” I explored the needs and desires of the United States itself for the 2008 election. I’ve already illustrated how the “Births, Progress and Days” chart reflects the country’s current needs, the call for someone to meet those needs, the voters who did their job in the voting process, and the seeds sown on the same day. Elections. We will now turn our attention to the people who have risen to the highest and most favorable presidency, and to work together to do the work that the United States was looking for for lessons and evolution today. This article is written in English for non-astrologers and astrologers.

I have to start with a brief review of the three American charts, otherwise the history of the article doesn’t make sense. For astrologers, I use an ascending national map of the Virgin of the United States (July 4, 1776, 9:36 a.m. LMT, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), progression to the 232nd year of our country’s existence and a day map (day) on Election Day. using the coordinates of birth. Since this article is also intended for non-astrologers, I deleted the technical discourse and limited myself to narrow connections and contrasts. There will always be “more” to read, no matter how deep your work is, feel free to expand your reading.

The natal map (birth) reflects the energy pattern of this first moment of existence, the basic pattern of such existence. But we won’t stay empty for long. We grow, experience and become, and this is reflected in the progress graph where we use the year-to-day method. Every day after birth is a year in the life of everything that is mapped. Since the United States was 232 years old at the time of the 2008 elections, the graph shows the 232nd energy model for the United States. The daily (day) chart shows the energy of the day it entered or activated in both birth charts and progress charts for the United States. It also shows the seed planted that day.

What caused these two people to run for president: one, in fact, became president, and the other, half a step behind and able to take this position, if the need arises? They once fought for that role, and now they have acted as a team to support that role. Each person has his own personal energy model, and the team itself has its own individual energy model. They worked as volunteers individually and as a team in the service of the country. If they are suitable for the work and needs of the country at present, it should be clearly marked by the links between the three maps of the country described and the maps of the three “people”.

What was going on in the country at the time? What kind of person or skill was the country looking for? The American composition is based on three primary energy patterns: the opposition to Mercury / Pluto, the position of Neptune and the strongest of all energies of Uranus / Aquarius / Moon. All of them participated in the 2008 elections. In English please …

The advanced middle of the sky (current goals, ambitions, achievements) at Cap 24 was almost the complete opposite of Mercury’s native US hometown, causing stressful but powerful communications that were used for better or for worse, and we see it in action. It continues to this day because it is still active. The development of the Middle of Heaven (current goals, ambitions, achievements) is moving towards our international or cultural relationship (Knot), but in a way that we recognize past abuses (Southern Knot) and work on creating some news. The progress of (current) Mercury (communication, youth, base) was correct (together) on the U.S. Moon (people, emotions, independent and future research), dense (strong), stronger and stronger. (Current) confrontation, which develops inside (tug of war, conflict) between social/financial values and our need to act, to be aggressive and assertive, is further determined by hostility between the masters (Aries) and the world. we-in-this-crowd together (Libra). Do you know all this?

As if that wasn’t enough to cope, Election Day was a moment of truth (the exact link) for the opposition of Saturn/Uranus that is attacking us right now.

The status quo and change itself are involved in an uphill battle, and it takes place at the very point that represents our spiritual essence as earth (Neptune). It was uninteresting and will not stop until the end of July 2010. In addition, Capricorn’s Election Day for the Moon in 2008 (responsible emotions, a sense of emotional trap) was just in the cradle of opposition to Pluto/Mercury, making it a popular button. For a chair. The energy of Election Day is a seed that will germinate and develop during the term of each presidency. I also found it interesting that Jupiter on this day resists the progress of Jupiter and resists it for quite a long time (our recent past). Can you say that we had problems with franchises and rights that really overtook us and bit us where it hurt? Well, in short, this is a country, but what about the leaders who are called to serve?

The birth of Saturn by President Obama (debt, responsibility, commitment directly to the (joint) birth in America of Pluto (the power of the Earth) that has caused resistance to the birth in America of Mercury/Pluto (strong connection between good or evil).

President Obama’s front midfield (current goals, status, ambition) runs counter to our national identity. Wait, are you okay? Imagine a pencil with a tip for writing at one end and a eraser at the other. You can’t move one end of the pencil without moving the other end because it’s an axis. Our national identity has been destroyed for years. The president must play an active role in resuscitation and healing of this open wound, and this can only happen in tension. His advance of Saturn/ Jupiter (responsibility and expansion right in this American hometown, opposition to Mercury / Pluto (powerful communication conflict) and will be present during his presidency.

Vice President Biden is a competitor who has become a personal asset of the man who fulfilled his dream of becoming president. This is a real test of character for Vice President Biden. He joined this team (rivals) for the sake of his country, pledged his loyalty to his rival, the president and us, and is an additional pair of fully involved hands for our president and our country. There are good things here! Vice President Biden has his own mid-sky (goals, ambitions, accomplishments) on the spiritual essence of the United States and their energy compound Saturn/Uranus (responsibility/inventive cooperation) just at the point of independence from the United States (Uranus) and realization. (middle of the sky), our ancestral compound is the middle of the sky / Uranus. This happens during a partnership with Vice President Biden. It works! Its Jupiter (expansion, society as a whole) is right on the (joint) American Mercury (communications) and is a response to the lesson we are currently studying, the use or misuse of powerful communication.

He has another truly valuable asset for our country, which I have to mention. Its personal point of power (Pluto) is connected (together) with the Northern Node of the United States (international/intercultural development); this person probably has more international knowledge and skills than anyone else. The Obama/Biden team is an asset to our country. This link of the node I just mentioned is backed up by Vice President Biden’s (current) extended graph, which includes his mercury (communication), sun (personality), ascendant (co-ownership skills and public face) and descendant (partnership and alliances). It’s a very strong specimen. His advanced connection to our view of independence and success in the United States is even stronger. Its evolving value systems and financial values (Venus) (Venus) are right on (together) our beautiful Aquarius moon (people, sensual clan, family) with abandoned knots to maintain good order (more/about intercultural relations). I’m sure I’ll find a man in the asset!


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