Can Women CEOs Make Tech Businesses More Profitable?

Women in key positions in the top echelons of companies have become commonplace. More than ever, there has been an increase in the number of women in predominantly male-dominated industries. This trend shows that an increasing number of female employees are now entering the business world. Women have been put in the driver’s seat – as engineers, consultants and increasingly today as CEOs of international technology companies.

The most recent appointment that generated some interest in the technology community was the appointment of Virginia “Ginny” Rometty, the first ever female CEO of IBM, one of the largest technology companies in the world to date. Prior to becoming CEO, Rometty, 54, was IBM’s head of sales and marketing, widely known for her leadership in international business marketing and the company’s global strategy, as well as for her contribution to IBM’s 2010 revenue of more than $99 billion.

Just a few weeks ago, Hewlett-Packard Co. became CEO of Meg Whitman. In October, mylan Pharmaceuticals’ choice of Heather Bresch as CEO set a new record for Fortune 500 female CEOs: 18 women took leadership positions at the companies.

In an interview with The Grindstone, an online publication focused on women, Laura Jeses, CEO of online synchronization, file sharing and backup provider SugarSync, said that gender is a ‘neutral factor’ in a male-dominated business environment. .

Just as the implementation of business strategies and policy strategies presents great opportunities for his company, Theses has developed empowerment strategies, consciously advancing in higher education, leveraging leadership opportunities and gaining as much experience as possible in the field.

In this case, the “gender diversity” between men and women in the workplace as a whole remains high, while women continue to struggle for mentors and equal pay. Watermark CEO Marilyn Nagel said there are few women leaders in the technology industry, mainly because technology companies don’t want to structure the portfolio of female leaders. As a result, few women rise through the ranks as quickly as men, proving that they control the corridors of corporate power.

Citing expert advice, USA Today notes that when it comes to managing a business, there is a tendency to recruit employees who follow a certain ‘sanctioned behavior’, which often leads to ‘aggressive, detached behavior and direct behavior’ that is usually male showing, which means a chance to climb the ranks. Women also tend to “avoid risk” than most men. This innate female trait can be useful in decision-making processes related to cost reduction, debt reduction and money savings.

As decisions to send women to giant technology companies are attracting more and more attention, the size of the sample of female CEOs may not be sufficient to draw conclusions, and gender-based performance can also be difficult. The Chicago Sun Times may have made it clear that good business leadership can be about people and has little or no sex.

Coffee in the USA – It’s All About the Experience

The United States has never had a better time for coffee than today. This is an incredible achievement compared to the ever-growing markets for tea and bottled water, and of course with the ever-growing soft drinks market.

Many people believe that high coffee consumption in the United States, where more than a million people drink at least 3.3 cups of coffee a day, is largely due to the rapid growth in popularity of Starbucks. In the 1990s, Starbucks became a household name, and almost immediately it seemed that the Starbucks coffee shop appeared on every corner. This, in turn, has prompted other coffee lovers to give in to their entrepreneurial spirit and open their own cafes, offering coffee consumers even more places to drink coffee.

Suddenly in America coffee ceased to be just a drink – it was a real experience. People who in the office drank several cups of black coffee a day, attracted all sorts of cafes, where they could experiment with new types of coffee and at the same time enjoy a cozy atmosphere or, in some cases, bohemian coffee.

And it certainly made the same people want to recreate it, oh, a special experience of coffee at home. Demand for coffee makers, growers, coffee grinders and other equipment for brewing and brewing coffee has increased dramatically. Manufacturers have responded to this demand with high-tech devices and equipment, which are sure to appeal to all coffee lovers.

Even major restaurant chains such as McDonalds, Burger King and Dunkin Donuts are trying to cash in on the American coffee craze. McDonalds, for example, has launched McCafe, where you can buy a lot of coffee and pastries at Starbucks, although the variety is not so great.

All this is good news for coffee lovers in the United States. There is more coffee and branded coffee available than ever before. In addition, there are many more places where you can have a cup of good coffee than there were, say, ten years ago. And if you like to grind, fry and brew coffee, you have so many options for equipment that you can spin your head, deciding which one to buy.

Like most things these days, the Internet plays an important role in the craze for coffee in the United States. With one click you will find everything from good Jamaican coffee and Hawaiian Kona coffee to top-notch Colombian coffee. You can also easily find any type of coffee beans that you are looking for, as well as any coffee brewing equipment that you want online, often at a low price – and which usually allows you to make almost any cup of coffee in the United States – the U.S. or anywhere else. . It tastes even better.

Layoffs Becoming Necessary Evil For Tech Companies

When I wrote about poor job prospects earlier this month, I quoted John Challenger, CEO of the recruitment firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, who said that companies plan to cut costs, which means that many of them will have to cut staff. This is.

That’s exactly what seems to be happening on the West Coast, where a number of startups (as well as big companies such as eBay) are laying off workers in hopes of surviving the recession. According to the Los Angeles Times, among the companies that are reducing sales are zillow, Pandora, AdBrite, Hi5, Jive Software, Redfin, Seesmic, and zIVE. Seesmic founder and CEO Loic Le Mer says the dismissal of a third of his company’s employees is the only way to keep the business in difficult times. He compares the decision to “giving me another round of funding.”

Layoffs are a less acceptable alternative to rounding up capital, but may become necessary for more companies as funding sources run out. According to USA Today, only 270 venture deals with technology companies were made in the third quarter of 2008, the lowest quarterly figure since the first quarter of 1996. Not only that, but also the Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist Confidence Index, followed by university business. Professor Mark Cannis of San Francisco fell to 2.9, the lowest in its five-year history.

Unlike previous recessions, including the dot-com crisis, this time experts predict a much wider group of industries. Katie Page, Manpower’s vice president, told BusinessWeek that “this is a recession of equal opportunity.” For most businesses, the reduction is likely to come first to any inefficient area, followed by non-core departments such as marketing, communications and human resources.

While almost all industries, including technology, will be affected, technology may not suffer as much as from dotcom exposure, writes Don Kawamoto of CNET News. This is due to the fact that few technology companies with staff on the scale of the late 1990s.

Not only that, writes IT Business Edge blogger Dennis Byron, many companies will struggle for significant cuts just because the technology is so firmly entrenched in their business. He wrote:

«… For the first time in the company’s history, IT services are similar to some of the rescued companies that have received all kinds of government funding in recent weeks. In other words, IT is “too big to fail.” In the activities of any business – and, more importantly, in the interaction of each business with its customers and suppliers – there is something that can not be arbitrary budget cuts.”

What’s so good about that? Some people think so, including Jonathan Weber, editor of NewWest.Net. Weber writes for The Times Online that, depending on the outcome of the next presidential election, the U.S. government may intervene to strengthen the technology economy by funding more fundamental research that could lead to technological innovation, and initiating lending programs. Small business administration. benefiting entrepreneurs.

A Novice Guide to Tech Gadgets

Have you ever met someone who bragged about his newly purchased mobile phone? Some neighbors will even ask questions about the product, and in no time the whole room will be together to view the phone or hear something interesting about it. Today, people prefer to have the latest and better technologies in their hands. Technology is evolving rapidly. In this article, we will look at some of the reasons why technical gadgets have become very popular among the last generation.

In the previous passage, we saw that technology is evolving rapidly. This can be called the best reason for the popularity of technical gadgets. With the invention of transistors and microcontrollers with microprocessors, researchers were able to integrate them into smaller circuit boards. What occupied a room or two in the early 1940s can be set and held in the palm of your hand. With such movement it is only natural that people go for such technical things on the wall.

The second factor can be attributed to lower prices. Market research has shown that people tend to buy gadgets at a reasonable price. In other words, if a product is sold at prices that make it available to the average person, this product will be successful. This has been happening since the 1980s. You will notice that everyone in the marketing business uses aggressive pricing tactics. Market research has also shown that releasing more features at a lower price will attract even more customers. This is reflected in the usual technical gadgets present in today’s market.

Easy accessibility is the next step in the whole paradigm. Imagine a seller with a good reputation for launching a phone. What if it were available in certain quantities in individual countries? These products will flop the show. No one will ever bother to buy such products. People need a worldwide guarantee on their products. They can buy the product in the U.S., use it in Malaysia and require repairs in India. The said product must be available in all these countries in order to have a good service network. People are smart when they take these factors into account before investing in a product.

The fourth factor is a small variation of the above factor, namely online accessibility and online presence. How do people know about the latest versions of the tech devices? Well, of course, with the help of the Internet. There are countless blogs where millions of people from all over the world come together every day to learn something about the latest gadgets. The presence of such blogs has caused a furore, a group of dedicated followers who will invest in high-tech gadgets.

Most Sought-After Jobs in USA

The world capital of power has the potential to influence the rest of the world. The country is headquartered, most of the biggest names in the world. As a leader in almost all industries, the United States offers excellent opportunities for professional and personal growth.

However, there is widespread perception of vacancies in the United States, which states: “The United States only hires those with the highest intelligence. The United States is a place for any qualified professional. It requires the enjoyment of a profitable offer combined with a wonderful lifestyle and better luxury …

This is a high labor market for almost any industry, but in the current scenario these are the most sought-after sections.

o Work in biotechnology
Work in telecommunications
o Sales and Marketing Jobs

The United States of America is home to many leading pharmaceutical companies, a leader in technology and healthcare; Thus, it is also a leading provider of jobs in the field of biotechnology. These vacancies offer great opportunities for discovery and are responsible for creating innovative series of effective drugs, diagnosing various diseases, identifying genetic disorders and finding ways to treat them.

In the current scenario, due to changing environmental conditions and the risks of global warming, there is a greater need for biotechnology researchers; As a result, the number of vacancies in the biotechnology industry in the United States has increased dramatically.

The United States is experiencing a boom in the telecommunications sector; The telecommunication sector contributes a great deal to the total revenue generated in the United States. Being the first step towards a major information technology industry, the telecommunications industry is full of growth opportunities. This sector employs a lot of people and uses the latest communication technologies and their applications to make a normal lifestyle better and more luxurious.

People hired to work in telecommunications in the United States assume a variety of responsibilities, including installation operations, financial management, building management, official management, technology security and distribution around the world, in the most remote areas.

Sales and marketing work in the United States is important for expanding industries that support the country’s thriving economy.

Many consumer goods companies offer career opportunities in sales and marketing. It offers positions such as Sales Director, Director of Sales and Marketing, Director of Marketing Analysis, Sales and Marketing Specialist, Sales and Marketing Officer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Advertiser Sales Director, Sales Officer, Retail Sales And Marketing Director, Technical Sales Representative, Senior Sales Support Officer with many other vacancies

Enjoy the best job in the United States…

Best Tips to Get a Job in the USA

The United States is considered one of the most powerful economies in the world and offers good job opportunities. To get a job in the United States, a person must have the appropriate qualifications and potential skills in accordance with the required job profile standards. But in recent years, job losses have been reported across the country due to the recession. Jobs in the United States are primarily determined by the market, so any impact on the current market can play a crucial role in determining the reliability of human performance in the country. Working in the United States offers huge job opportunities for immigrants who come to build their own careers, although in this respect it is necessary to have an H1 visa or L1 visa with a certain work permit.

Many jobs in Washington tend to be government-oriented because the city is home to many of the country’s top government departments. The recent downturn in the U.S. economy has had a major impact on employment in the United States. Statistics show that the unemployment rate has reached a record high of 7.6 per cent and that the number of unemployed in the United States will increase by 4.1 million over the next 12 months. One of the biggest problems with jobs in the United States is the lack of job security. While some American cities are still doing well despite the economic downturn, working in Florida offers good job opportunities.

Work in New York is usually focused on the American automotive industry because it offers a wide range of employment opportunities. But in order to be eligible for such a job in the United States, you need an appropriate education, as well as a diploma of engineer with honors at a respected college or university. The automotive industry is also spreading its wings in other parts of the country. Since these jobs in Texas, especially in the automotive industry, have become mostly high-tech and technological, you have to undergo serious training in this area to pursue a career.

The City of New Jersey offers unique employment opportunities. Evidence shows that total production in New Jersey was $434 billion. It is important to note that almost all major counties in New Jersey are considered the wealthiest counties in the United States. While the area is known to specialize in agricultural products such as wood products, vegetables, fruits and nuts, seafood and dairy products, jobs in New Jersey are also focused on pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, food processing, electrical equipment manufacturing, publishing and tourism.

Health care in the United States is estimated to grow rapidly, with health spending expected to reach $2.72 trillion in 2010, while the average health care system is now expected to rise to 7%. When talking about health care in the United States, it is important to note that many prefer to work in hospitals, doctors and clinical wards. Nurses in the United States have made great strides thanks to new technological inventions that have led to the introduction of new methods of training novice nurses. These jobs are in high demand in the United States.

Health jobs are mainly offered for positions such as physiotherapist, biochemist/physiologist, pediatric outpatient assistant occupational therapist, audiologist technician, patient care technician, code compliance specialist and physicians.

USA 2008 Election, Part 1 – The Country’s Call For a Leader

Any map of stellar births is not a static object, even if it seems to be just like any other birth. It’s just a map of the moment, a still image of the sky with this stillness, designed to clearly see patterns, because the sky has never really stopped moving. Astrologers use the actual movement of cycles along a freezing frame called a birth event to see the growth and development of what began at that time, the progression of birth and what it represents. For the United States, the status quo was the birth of our country, and progress is the growth represented by experience. It is quite easy to see who we are (birth) and not who we become and who we need to become (progress). The call leaves the country, the voters answer, one person is elected. This person fits perfectly into the map of the birth and moving stars, our fearless leader, our president-elect.

My study of the electoral process in the United States (USA) shows a clear link between the celestial birth card, the positions advanced before the election date, and the current current positions before the election date.

Birth data used in the United States is set for July 4, 1776 at 9:36 a.m. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are 13 main positions that reflect the basic nature of the Earth and its needs: the Ascendant, the Middle of Heaven, our ten major bodies of the solar system and the Northern Lunar Knot.
In this case, the U.S. development model was created on election day November 4, 2008 using the original coordinates. The initial 13 posts were, of course, moved to the equivalent of 232 days from birth, the 232nd year since the birth of the country. These new positions reflect the changing and current needs and status of the country for the chosen election year (2008) as a separate map for the four-year period of this election, and may also show links to the birth model of this election. . ‘origin.
The third metric (imagine Spock’s three-dimensional chessboard in the old Star Trek series) is an indicator of the specific energy of Election Day, again using the coordinates of birth for uniformity.

Progressive and daytime models reflect a four-year period. If the elections were based on a 10-year period, the start time would be 10 years. Progressive and daily models will always be on the move and provide new information, but the seeds sown on Election Day will determine how the term will evolve. There may be other comparisons, such as the relationship between the president and the vice president and the team they represent from the country, but for simplicity we will simply look at three models of the country in this article. I will only deal with connections and contradictions with close connections. I will stick to simple explanations, minimal maintenance. You don’t have to be an astrologer to understand this article.
As a country, we lived 232 years on election day in 2008. We started on the dream of the founding fathers, and during this time we have grown significantly. We had a well-defined heart and core (birth position), but we lived and changed through experience in the years that followed. What we are now is a combination of what we started with and what we have become as we are. The core of who we are still exists, but it has been changed by 232 years of experience. We are constantly developing and hopefully developing group work with new needs and new dreams. This is evident from the constant state of our being, our progressive patterns. The choice of polling day should depend on who we are at heart and who we have become. And if this was not enough, then the day itself has its own energy, dynamism and brightness, from which we can not be separated as a country. It affects or is absorbed by our being as the so-called sowing principle. “What began at a certain point in time carries the qualities of this moment in time,” is paraphrased from the works of Carl Jung. What were the connections between the three models described for Election Day 2008?

The middle of heaven is a good place to start because it describes our current status in the world, the mountain of achievements to which we rise, our reputation and the work ahead.

As a result of the progression, the U.S. Mid-Sky moved from its original position of 8 Gemini 52, which passed almost 2/3 of the full cycle of 360 degrees, to 24 Capricorns 15, up to about 5 minutes (several weeks in time) opposition (stress, monkey in the middle) to our Mercury in the U.S. (communication, local activity and our youth). Let’s talk about a direct hit! The popular movement and the turnout of our youth in this election was huge, and we experienced communication during the primary process. Much of this communication has been devoted to disputes and confrontations, which have been abused in countless ways. It is important to understand that we are born with very intense and powerful communication, which can be used for both good and evil. He was a key role model for the country during the elections, and whoever was elected inherited and embodied that need.

What else? The normally receding Lunar Knot cuddles up to this ever-changing celestial center for the next two years while we deal with old bad habits of relationships and responsibility in cultural unions. We are the focus internationally. We cannot trust the usual international social and cultural customs, we must bring ourselves to grow up, acknowledge what is wrong, and fix it. Sign Capricorn, we’re in charge! It can be really embarrassing, but do we really want to perpetuate or fix what is wrong in our country?

What else? Our progress from Mercury is at 23 degrees Aquarius at 46 and retrograde, just over a degree from the American moon of birth at 22 Aquarius at 38. In our election process, special attention was paid to communication, youth and foundation, as shown above, which are closely related to our emotions (Moon ), our independent side, our sense of humanity and group consciousness, with a strong sense of the future that is deeply ingrained (Aquarius) before the election. The retrograde nature of Mercury’s promotion points to a trend that was present during the primary and electoral process, but will continue after the elections themselves. The country expected that the chosen person would provide this energy. Look at the other team of candidates (names are optional, just look at the energy). Could the rival team provide the country with what it needs?

Business Review of Fortune High Tech Marketing

Fortune High Tech Marketing is a traditional network marketing company founded in 2001 in Kentucky, USA. I chose to review this business for several reasons. I noticed in FHTM what sets it apart from the typical MLM. I was also impressed by the management of the company. It has also reached the top, being described as one of the most successful MLM companies in recent years, while demonstrating the continued potential for strong growth.

5 important questions to ask yourself when evaluating an MLM business:

o trust in business: for example, how long it exists, whether it is free of debt and what are the vision and direction of the business.

Trust in FHTM: FHTM was created for the industry by Paul Orberson. Paul worked as an Excel sales representative, earning more than a million dollars in 20 consecutive months than any other sales representative in the history of the network marketing industry. He retired to fulfill his highest calling in life: together with his son to found a marketing company that gave sales representatives the opportunity to earn the most money in the industry.

All FHTM employees are independent representatives at head office. Like family, these are the same people who joined the company 9 years ago. Business is 100% debt-free. It has no overheads or inventory. 98% of the money coming through the business goes to representatives. It has international recognition.

After Paul Orberson had a 1/4 chance of surviving cancer, he felt his time was up. He founded True Essentials, the only health and well-health company that offers FHTM. He used these unique biologics in his recovery program to cure his incurable condition. He is a bit religious in his speeches, but still very focused on helping his representatives in their long-term success.

The company has been featured in major business journals, as well as senior financial managers and mentors not only as a legitimate, but also truly unique opportunity for anyone interested in success in the home business in the marketing network.

Leadership and learning: what is the quality of leadership and learning?

FHTM Leadership and Training: Some well-known network marketing professionals are leaders in the industry. Paul Orberson makes it clear that he wants to be judged on how many millionaires the company makes, and that clearly makes the most of it.

Professional leadership and leadership are guaranteed from the start. The company clearly works with a clear sense of honesty, helping new home business owners get started. Together with their training instructors, they immediately disclose their policies and procedures to avoid legal and financial problems. Their back office is designed to ensure that all new representatives meet with their team and receive the continuing professional education, tools and resources needed to succeed as representatives.

Each new representative receives the name and telephone number of the executive directors, as well as contact information and information about the training of their national directors. For 20 per month, they can purchase their own Fortune TV channel, which contains up to 22 channels for all their events, products, interviews and reviews, trainings and weekly live messages from Paul Orberson.

There are several ways to present a Fortune presentation after a representative is ready, including online, web seminars, conference calls, field meetings and DVD presentations. The new representative has team support and the means to attract potential customers from the beginning.

o Products and services: can services and products stand independently between a highly competitive and saturated market in today’s direct selling industry?

FHTM Products and Services: FHTM’s core service and product line makes this company unique. They offer a choice of services that people use daily and pay for at home every month.

FHTM offers a buffet of popular entertainment venues, natural organic health and beauty products, established communication companies and basic basic services that we all know and are faithful to.

In this case, FHTM has passed a key two-year milestone, which shows that its products and services are unique, respond to ever-changing trends and can withstand the changing needs of consumers.

In short, when people pay their bills through FHTM to the same suppliers they already use, everyone wins! The shift is free, although there is sometimes a one-time initial fee for accessing the service through FHTM.

This concept is good because almost everyone uses these services. Regardless of nationality or age, or regardless of your previous experience or skills, it is a performance-driven business that anyone who is motivated and ready to work can difficult to be successful.

o Remuneration plan. Network marketing has four main reward plans. It is very important to understand how the compensation plan works. That’s how you get paid for your work.

FHTM Remuneration Plan: FHTM believes it has the best remuneration plan in the industry. FHTM mainly uses the forced matrix plan.

This requires new representatives, now managers who receive 3 client points and sponsor 3 new managers, thus making up their first team of 12. Here they reimburse their initial costs and assemble their first team.

After being promoted to the position of regional director, the representative must collect 10 personal client points and personally sponsor 3 other managers. Real money starts in the flow of the regional manager.
The amazing thing is that all they need is 10 customer points.

The second promotion is the position of general manager of sales. The fourth source of income is the national sales manager, and the fifth and final is the presidential pool.

There are many rewards and bonuses at every turn, including a free Lexus car program as executive director.

Fitness Tech and Training Q and A w/ Team USA Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob Schwartz

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Rob Schwartz, the coach of the U.S. team in strength and physical training at Acrobat and Combat Sports. Rob currently works with Olympic athletes in gymnastics, boxing, taekwondo, judo, fencing, wrestling, synchronized swimming and diving. I wanted to pick his brain and get an overview of how sports fitness technologies (heart rate, calorie intake, calories burned, sleep monitoring, distance and time tracking, VO2 tracking, overall vertical growth, etc.) are used in workouts. Olympic athletes and as Mr. Schwartz expects consumers to adopt similar technologies in the future.

I live in Denver and have been to the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center before. I remember the number of gadgets and devices that track and monitor the progress of athletes during training. Can you explain what fitness technology your athletes are currently using and what role they play in your daily training?

A. For daily workouts, we usually use video commentary both in the gym and during exercise. In the “Strength and Physical Form” section, we always try to measure our athlete’s fitness, so we measure power output with Tendo units and power plates; it gives us feedback on how hard we can train each athlete every day. At a predetermined time of year, a sports nutritionist checks the level of lactate in the blood of athletes during “live” training to assess the physiological needs they face during competitions. We even tested the level of lactate in the blood immediately after the real matches. We are currently developing an app for athletes’ phones to track nutrition, psychological state, training and recovery. This is a short list; we also have a lot of other technologies that we use.

B. It seems that the Olympians used technology in their trainings long before the recent craze of consumers. Is it possible to say that many of today’s fitness gadgets are the result of what has been tested? And proven in the Olympic arena?

A. I don’t know when we prepare world-class athletes for Olympic competitions, we just don’t have time for field tests of technologies that have not been tested or tested in practice. We will get the latest technology from companies like Nike and Samsung, but we are confident that they will be effective when they reach us.

Do you think that new gadgets and apps for fitness and health will improve the health of our country and help citizens become more informed and active participants in their personal health?

A. I hope so; basically it depends on the person and his goals. If the buyer is serious about getting in shape, I recommend that he do the research and make sure that he buys the equipment from respected companies that have proven experience in the market.

A: The last question, any basic advice for those who want to start personal strength and conditioning training?

A. I would start by visiting your local 24-hour fitness center and doing face-to-face training. There is nothing better than an experienced coach who will share his feedback and offer steps to improve. It is not advisable to search the Internet for advice or training tips, as there are no professional reviews, and the information you receive may not correspond to your personal goals.

I’m also a big fan of video feedback for athletes, as is the case with the current world boxing champion, whom I train after the fight. Fight.

USA 2008 Election, Part 2 – The Winning Presidential Team

In a previous article, “U.S. Elections 2008: The Country Calls for Leadership,” I explored the needs and desires of the United States itself for the 2008 election. I’ve already illustrated how the “Births, Progress and Days” chart reflects the country’s current needs, the call for someone to meet those needs, the voters who did their job in the voting process, and the seeds sown on the same day. Elections. We will now turn our attention to the people who have risen to the highest and most favorable presidency, and to work together to do the work that the United States was looking for for lessons and evolution today. This article is written in English for non-astrologers and astrologers.

I have to start with a brief review of the three American charts, otherwise the history of the article doesn’t make sense. For astrologers, I use an ascending national map of the Virgin of the United States (July 4, 1776, 9:36 a.m. LMT, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), progression to the 232nd year of our country’s existence and a day map (day) on Election Day. using the coordinates of birth. Since this article is also intended for non-astrologers, I deleted the technical discourse and limited myself to narrow connections and contrasts. There will always be “more” to read, no matter how deep your work is, feel free to expand your reading.

The natal map (birth) reflects the energy pattern of this first moment of existence, the basic pattern of such existence. But we won’t stay empty for long. We grow, experience and become, and this is reflected in the progress graph where we use the year-to-day method. Every day after birth is a year in the life of everything that is mapped. Since the United States was 232 years old at the time of the 2008 elections, the graph shows the 232nd energy model for the United States. The daily (day) chart shows the energy of the day it entered or activated in both birth charts and progress charts for the United States. It also shows the seed planted that day.

What caused these two people to run for president: one, in fact, became president, and the other, half a step behind and able to take this position, if the need arises? They once fought for that role, and now they have acted as a team to support that role. Each person has his own personal energy model, and the team itself has its own individual energy model. They worked as volunteers individually and as a team in the service of the country. If they are suitable for the work and needs of the country at present, it should be clearly marked by the links between the three maps of the country described and the maps of the three “people”.

What was going on in the country at the time? What kind of person or skill was the country looking for? The American composition is based on three primary energy patterns: the opposition to Mercury / Pluto, the position of Neptune and the strongest of all energies of Uranus / Aquarius / Moon. All of them participated in the 2008 elections. In English please …

The advanced middle of the sky (current goals, ambitions, achievements) at Cap 24 was almost the complete opposite of Mercury’s native US hometown, causing stressful but powerful communications that were used for better or for worse, and we see it in action. It continues to this day because it is still active. The development of the Middle of Heaven (current goals, ambitions, achievements) is moving towards our international or cultural relationship (Knot), but in a way that we recognize past abuses (Southern Knot) and work on creating some news. The progress of (current) Mercury (communication, youth, base) was correct (together) on the U.S. Moon (people, emotions, independent and future research), dense (strong), stronger and stronger. (Current) confrontation, which develops inside (tug of war, conflict) between social/financial values and our need to act, to be aggressive and assertive, is further determined by hostility between the masters (Aries) and the world. we-in-this-crowd together (Libra). Do you know all this?

As if that wasn’t enough to cope, Election Day was a moment of truth (the exact link) for the opposition of Saturn/Uranus that is attacking us right now.

The status quo and change itself are involved in an uphill battle, and it takes place at the very point that represents our spiritual essence as earth (Neptune). It was uninteresting and will not stop until the end of July 2010. In addition, Capricorn’s Election Day for the Moon in 2008 (responsible emotions, a sense of emotional trap) was just in the cradle of opposition to Pluto/Mercury, making it a popular button. For a chair. The energy of Election Day is a seed that will germinate and develop during the term of each presidency. I also found it interesting that Jupiter on this day resists the progress of Jupiter and resists it for quite a long time (our recent past). Can you say that we had problems with franchises and rights that really overtook us and bit us where it hurt? Well, in short, this is a country, but what about the leaders who are called to serve?

The birth of Saturn by President Obama (debt, responsibility, commitment directly to the (joint) birth in America of Pluto (the power of the Earth) that has caused resistance to the birth in America of Mercury/Pluto (strong connection between good or evil).

President Obama’s front midfield (current goals, status, ambition) runs counter to our national identity. Wait, are you okay? Imagine a pencil with a tip for writing at one end and a eraser at the other. You can’t move one end of the pencil without moving the other end because it’s an axis. Our national identity has been destroyed for years. The president must play an active role in resuscitation and healing of this open wound, and this can only happen in tension. His advance of Saturn/ Jupiter (responsibility and expansion right in this American hometown, opposition to Mercury / Pluto (powerful communication conflict) and will be present during his presidency.

Vice President Biden is a competitor who has become a personal asset of the man who fulfilled his dream of becoming president. This is a real test of character for Vice President Biden. He joined this team (rivals) for the sake of his country, pledged his loyalty to his rival, the president and us, and is an additional pair of fully involved hands for our president and our country. There are good things here! Vice President Biden has his own mid-sky (goals, ambitions, accomplishments) on the spiritual essence of the United States and their energy compound Saturn/Uranus (responsibility/inventive cooperation) just at the point of independence from the United States (Uranus) and realization. (middle of the sky), our ancestral compound is the middle of the sky / Uranus. This happens during a partnership with Vice President Biden. It works! Its Jupiter (expansion, society as a whole) is right on the (joint) American Mercury (communications) and is a response to the lesson we are currently studying, the use or misuse of powerful communication.

He has another truly valuable asset for our country, which I have to mention. Its personal point of power (Pluto) is connected (together) with the Northern Node of the United States (international/intercultural development); this person probably has more international knowledge and skills than anyone else. The Obama/Biden team is an asset to our country. This link of the node I just mentioned is backed up by Vice President Biden’s (current) extended graph, which includes his mercury (communication), sun (personality), ascendant (co-ownership skills and public face) and descendant (partnership and alliances). It’s a very strong specimen. His advanced connection to our view of independence and success in the United States is even stronger. Its evolving value systems and financial values (Venus) (Venus) are right on (together) our beautiful Aquarius moon (people, sensual clan, family) with abandoned knots to maintain good order (more/about intercultural relations). I’m sure I’ll find a man in the asset!