USA 2008 Election, Part 1 – The Country’s Call For a Leader

Any map of stellar births is not a static object, even if it seems to be just like any other birth. It’s just a map of the moment, a still image of the sky with this stillness, designed to clearly see patterns, because the sky has never really stopped moving. Astrologers use the actual movement of cycles along a freezing frame called a birth event to see the growth and development of what began at that time, the progression of birth and what it represents. For the United States, the status quo was the birth of our country, and progress is the growth represented by experience. It is quite easy to see who we are (birth) and not who we become and who we need to become (progress). The call leaves the country, the voters answer, one person is elected. This person fits perfectly into the map of the birth and moving stars, our fearless leader, our president-elect.

My study of the electoral process in the United States (USA) shows a clear link between the celestial birth card, the positions advanced before the election date, and the current current positions before the election date.

Birth data used in the United States is set for July 4, 1776 at 9:36 a.m. in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are 13 main positions that reflect the basic nature of the Earth and its needs: the Ascendant, the Middle of Heaven, our ten major bodies of the solar system and the Northern Lunar Knot.
In this case, the U.S. development model was created on election day November 4, 2008 using the original coordinates. The initial 13 posts were, of course, moved to the equivalent of 232 days from birth, the 232nd year since the birth of the country. These new positions reflect the changing and current needs and status of the country for the chosen election year (2008) as a separate map for the four-year period of this election, and may also show links to the birth model of this election. . ‘origin.
The third metric (imagine Spock’s three-dimensional chessboard in the old Star Trek series) is an indicator of the specific energy of Election Day, again using the coordinates of birth for uniformity.

Progressive and daytime models reflect a four-year period. If the elections were based on a 10-year period, the start time would be 10 years. Progressive and daily models will always be on the move and provide new information, but the seeds sown on Election Day will determine how the term will evolve. There may be other comparisons, such as the relationship between the president and the vice president and the team they represent from the country, but for simplicity we will simply look at three models of the country in this article. I will only deal with connections and contradictions with close connections. I will stick to simple explanations, minimal maintenance. You don’t have to be an astrologer to understand this article.
As a country, we lived 232 years on election day in 2008. We started on the dream of the founding fathers, and during this time we have grown significantly. We had a well-defined heart and core (birth position), but we lived and changed through experience in the years that followed. What we are now is a combination of what we started with and what we have become as we are. The core of who we are still exists, but it has been changed by 232 years of experience. We are constantly developing and hopefully developing group work with new needs and new dreams. This is evident from the constant state of our being, our progressive patterns. The choice of polling day should depend on who we are at heart and who we have become. And if this was not enough, then the day itself has its own energy, dynamism and brightness, from which we can not be separated as a country. It affects or is absorbed by our being as the so-called sowing principle. “What began at a certain point in time carries the qualities of this moment in time,” is paraphrased from the works of Carl Jung. What were the connections between the three models described for Election Day 2008?

The middle of heaven is a good place to start because it describes our current status in the world, the mountain of achievements to which we rise, our reputation and the work ahead.

As a result of the progression, the U.S. Mid-Sky moved from its original position of 8 Gemini 52, which passed almost 2/3 of the full cycle of 360 degrees, to 24 Capricorns 15, up to about 5 minutes (several weeks in time) opposition (stress, monkey in the middle) to our Mercury in the U.S. (communication, local activity and our youth). Let’s talk about a direct hit! The popular movement and the turnout of our youth in this election was huge, and we experienced communication during the primary process. Much of this communication has been devoted to disputes and confrontations, which have been abused in countless ways. It is important to understand that we are born with very intense and powerful communication, which can be used for both good and evil. He was a key role model for the country during the elections, and whoever was elected inherited and embodied that need.

What else? The normally receding Lunar Knot cuddles up to this ever-changing celestial center for the next two years while we deal with old bad habits of relationships and responsibility in cultural unions. We are the focus internationally. We cannot trust the usual international social and cultural customs, we must bring ourselves to grow up, acknowledge what is wrong, and fix it. Sign Capricorn, we’re in charge! It can be really embarrassing, but do we really want to perpetuate or fix what is wrong in our country?

What else? Our progress from Mercury is at 23 degrees Aquarius at 46 and retrograde, just over a degree from the American moon of birth at 22 Aquarius at 38. In our election process, special attention was paid to communication, youth and foundation, as shown above, which are closely related to our emotions (Moon ), our independent side, our sense of humanity and group consciousness, with a strong sense of the future that is deeply ingrained (Aquarius) before the election. The retrograde nature of Mercury’s promotion points to a trend that was present during the primary and electoral process, but will continue after the elections themselves. The country expected that the chosen person would provide this energy. Look at the other team of candidates (names are optional, just look at the energy). Could the rival team provide the country with what it needs?


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